25 de juliol de 2012

A summer night tale

Foto: Gerard Agudo

They spend all year long hidden. Sleeping in the darkness. All they do is gather energies and wait. They wait for the hardest heat of the summer, and then, there's a week, just a week of July, when they wake up, they open their magnificent dark eyes and get out to the streets. 

They dance to the sound of flutes and cimbals, for all those who want to watch them. Children, parents and the elder. Morning, afternoon or evening, you can find them here and there.

But there's a night, just a night, when the summer sky becomes dark. The night they've been saving their dreams for. That night, tonight, the family of giants, they just become rock stars.

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GemmaPuji ha dit...

See you tonight brother!!!
1 2 3 4 5....i 15!!! oeeooeeeooo ooeeooeeeoooo ooeeoooeeooo!!!!

David ha dit...


Gerard Agudo ha dit...

XD!!!! no m'havia fixat que la foto era meva ja ja ja... descontrol pre santes...ara tot tranquil repassant els blogs ho he vist...